I Choose You

A show that explores relationships and highlights the concept, expression and idea of love


I Choose You
April 6, 2019

A Walking God: Dimitri and Chevy

In this episode, Dimitri and Chevy discuss how they formed an intimate relationship. The two speak to various aspects of their relationship and how they protect themselves and stay grounded…
I Choose You
April 3, 2019

A 252 Love Story: Mike and Tequila

In this episode, Mike and Tequlia discuss how they formed a marriage that started on a popular dating app. In the world of social media, the two speak about how…

Meet the Producer

Dwayne M. Bryant

Doctoral Candidate

Dwayne Bryant is a Doctoral candidate at Howard University studying school psychology. Currently, he is conducting research in the areas of Social Media, Mental Health, Engagement and Black Male Identity. He has gained experience in the field of psychology from working with the American Psychological Association, Educational Testing Service and the National Association of School Psychologists. He has a passion for advocacy and fairness for all people and strives to create a more balanced and positive narrative of black men in society. In the future, he plans to develop a learning and recreational center in his home town of Oak City, North Carolina. Outside of his professional and academic accomplishments he enjoys being a creator. He has created several visual projects (Let’s Talk About It, HU Transition to Internship, Motherland Story and Pieces of Me) that highlight his journey in psychology as well as personal growth. He also co-hosts 6 Degrees of Black Mental Health, a show created to provide a voice for black men in the field of psychology. If you want to hear more from him check out his weekly Podcast, InPSYCHful Discussions (available on all major podcast platforms).

Inside the Studio