The GOOD Guys

Danny Wright, Darius Baxter and Troye Bullock run a non-profit and venture fund in Washington, DC. They have a variety of content featured on the network. Enjoy their interviews, vlogs and social impact videos below. 


Watch Philanthropic Rockstars

Follow Danny Wright, Darius Baxter and Troye Bullock on this reality vlog where you see these young entrepreneurs work hard and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Watch GOOD Talks

GOODTalks features candid conversations between self-made philanthropists known as the GOODGuys, and lawmakers, business moguls, and thought leaders about the 21st century definition of the American Dream. Informed by their own experiences, the GOODGuys set out on a journey to discuss issues like education, criminal justice, housing, and economic opportunity. Nothing is off limits as they talk to key players and get their insightful takes on the American Dream and beyond.