Meet Nathan, Founder of Capture Create Media

Capture Create Media (CCM) is spearheaded by visual storyteller, savvy video producer/director/jack of all trades, and music aficionado Nathan Kigenyi.
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Born to a Texan mother and an Ugandan father, Kigenyi’s warmth, public-spiritedness and wisdom are the core of who he is and how he runs CCM. Kigenyi has long brought his creativity and video production talents to other companies and organizations. He created marketing collateral that was attractive, compelling, and cohesive. He then thought to himself:  “wow, I would love to see this kind of content on a platform that I would go to.” From that desire, CCM was born.

In just four years, Kigenyi has created a family of talented and dedicated creators who share his passion for uplifting new and established brands.  “I’ve been able to give so many other people opportunities”, Kigenyi says of his work, “CCM is a family-oriented place. People can come in and learn, invest in their vision, and offer their unique take on storytelling and brand management.” The openness and support that defines CCM’s internal operations extend to its external relationships. The diversity of CCM’s clientele is attributed to Kigenyi’s personal relationships and his belief in different people. Those relationships are strong, collaborative, and exponentially growing. “Once clients get in our web they stay in the CCM family,” Kigenyi shares proudly, “we’re all about making the clients feel good about the work and the process.”

Everything you need to know about CCM lies in who Nathan Kigenyi is. Kigenyi is an extremely hard worker, multimedia savvy, and knows how to tell a story. His easy-going demeanor and commitment to supporting those around him have cultivated a strong community of collaborators and clientele. That tight-knit community is growing. As CCM evolves and matures, Kigenyi’s vision and personality will always be central to the agency. “I can’t wait to see how we continue to grow,” Kigenyi shares, “I’m confident that our talent, openness, and growing sustainability to push us to new heights.”

CCM was recently awarded WeWork’s grant for Black-owned businesses. See the full article here.

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